eSoft Solutions has a solution for every website development need. We create websites using the most popular open source CMS available like Drupal, Joomla and Wordpress.

A large number of modules and themes are already available for you to choose or you can request your own custom theme and module development based on your company's needs. 


Why go mobile? Smart phones (mainly iPhone, Android, Symbian, Windows mobile, BlackBerry) are quickly increasing their percentage in the mobile market and soon will hold a greater market share than feature phones. With more and more advertisments served through mobile devices each year, the wide adoption of mobile payment/micropayment solutions and with the increasing use of the mobile web, going mobile seems the obvious choice.
Mobile sites and mobile apps.
 What can we do for you? 

teleconference services

eSoft Solutions offers a teleconference service that allows:

  • live conferencing,
  • video calls,
  • presentations and
  • simultaneous usage of applications over the internet or in a local area network.

It creates an interactive environment and allows participants to communicate in the same, convenient way they would communicate in an actual room.The “host” or the tutor can create virtual classrooms, invites guests and presents  material. The tutor can communicate and interact real-time with the participants using sound, pictures and messaging.

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